Saturday, August 11, 2007

Religious idiocy

IMBS: Do you really believe that god exists?

RI: Yes. How else can you explain the complexities of life, the morality of humans and the existence of matter/universe?

IMBS: Have you got any evidence to suggest that god created the complexities of life, the morality of humans and the existence of matter?

RI: Of course i do. The failure of science to explain those is evidence enough is it? How else can you explain all of these wonders in our world?

IMBS: You can't draw a conclusion from the lack of knowledge. Besides, evolution biology explains the complexities of life and the morality of humans very well and there are mountains of evidence to support those theories, also know as facts in layman's terms. While science currently as no answer yet on the existence of matter, it does not mean that god created matter.

RI: But as you have admitted that science cannot explain the existence of matter, this means that god is the far better explanation. Besides, you can't disprove the existence of god.

IMBS: Remember the time when people did not understand why the sun rose and set everyday? They said that the chariots of the sun god pulled the sun across the skies everyday. I can give you countless of examples of people invoking god's name to explain the unexplained and was subsequently proven to be wrong. As for the part which we cannot disprove the existence of god, it does not mean that god has anywhere near to a 50% chance of existing. You can't disprove that gravity will stop exerting a force that will keep you on the ground tomorrow, in principle. Does that mean you are going to tie you feet with a chain to the ground just in case it ceases to work tomorrow? It cannot be disproved that aliens with far superior technology than our's are currently circling Earth, using cloaking technology so that we cannot detect them, preparing to bomb the hell out of us. Are you going to start building bomb shelters to protect yourself from them?

RI: So what even if we are silly? We have the right to believe in what we want to. It causes no harm to others. You should respect our religion.

IMBS: That is not true. A children told stories about going to hell, suffering all the various forms of torture there, isn't that psychological abuse? Believers taking up arms in the name of god, killing one another, isn't that harm enough for you? How about sucide bombers who bomber others up while believing that by doing so he books a place in heaven for himself? Is it a right to commit such henious crimes against others? Should we respect this? Going by your logic we should also respect the right of a rapist or murder for it is their right to rape and murder.

RI: How could you blame religion for those crimes? Going by your logic, crimes commited by atheists such as Stalin ought to be prove that atheism fundamentalists are just as bad. The point is that fundamentalism leads to atrocities, not the religion.

IMBS: Atheists believe that god does not exists. It does not include beliefs such as killing the religious. On the contrary, some holy books exhort its believers to wipe out non-believers. Your Stalin analogy is flawed. Stalin just happened to be an atheist who kill many, if he really was an atheist. I can cherry-pick examples of black people commiting violent crime, but does that mean that just by being black, it makes u more likely to be a violent criminal? Sucicide bombers on the other hand justify their acts by thinking that they are acting on god's orders. When such a belief is so unshakable and strong, it takes away the normal human instinct to stay alive since they believe that they are going to a better world. The belief of the exisitence of god in this case is directly linked to their sucide bombing.

RI: Don't you know it's seditious to attack religion? I can have you thrown in prison for that!

IMBS: .....................


Lim Leng Hiong said...

Succinctly written.

I should add that a crucial strength of science is also its critical shortcoming - an ability to see its own limitations and weaknesses.

Scientific facts are backed by evidence and are applicable to certain situations only.

Within those conditions, scientists are confident of predictable results. That is its strength.

If somebody tries to extrapolate too much, they become uncomfortable, because this is speculating beyond the current pool of knowledge.

People who believe in faith see this as a weakness of science. Since science can only proceed stepwise, every piece of newly illuminated knowledge will always be accompanied by many unexplained mysteries.

To make things worse, new evidence and theories can render previous scientific worldviews obsolete, or irrelevant.

Some people believe that since science cannot explain everything, it's explaining nothing.

Since science cannot be certain about everything, it cannot be certain about anything.

This is a disturbingly common view.

I must be stupid said...

Hi leng hiong,

That's why the net is the only place where i can find rational people. LOL

On a more serious note, how blind faith can make the people act no differently from a herd of cattle is both frightening and amazing at the same time. Frightening in the same way you would feel when a herd of cattle charges at you. Amazing in the way it reminds us that we are not that far from out evolutionary past.

Anonymous said...

One cannot fit science into religion but religion has to fit into science. Otherwise we would still think the earth is flat or that lightning rods prevent god from venting his anger on his creation. Still a lot of fools believe we came from a man called adam and a woman called eve...but how come we all look so different ah?

Xtrocious said...

Is it any wonder that one religion calls its followers "sheep"? heheh

Anonymous said...

Listen guys, instead of taking the reading into such a biased way, try to be as optimistic as possible. When you do, you will realize that maybe I should take a look at a religion and find out what people actually see in it to believe it. When you do and truly believe in it, you will truly start believing that god exists, it will not be delusion. It is very easy to feel the presence of god with all the things happening in my life atleast. Everyone can have their opinion however and most country's democracy allows freedom of religion and beliefs.

Anonymous said...

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