Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Medical care in a Golden Age Country

I got the news late. I just manage to watch the news clip for the pregnant lady who died due to loss of blood and the inflexibility of the medical system. You can watch it here. I have never watch a piece of news and felt so much like crying. A life of a fellow countryman loss, just like that, when they could have saved her by going that extra mile. In this country, people are brought up this way. We learnt to be driven by self-interest, to always go by the rule. Those who have the oppurtunity should watch "Just Follow Law" by Jack Neo, everything is revealed there on how it works. It is laughable that we are being taught how to be courteous, how we should speak more proper english, how we should speak more chinese now that China is the upcoming market. Everything is driven to serve the economy and every effort has been spent on things that will attract foreign investors.
We have reached a "world class" country, but sadly, that does not include our morals. Just recently, i was on board a packed train to work with my gf. An obviously pregnant lady was standing in front of a lady, who was seated under the label "Please give up the seat for those who need it more than you", yet, she could be so blind to continue reading the newspaper. I approached the lady to give up the seat to the pregnant lady in return for a glare for her, as she has lost her treasured prize, a seat, where she could rest till she reach the station. I am appalled by this behaviour but i have gotten used to it. It truly pains my heart to see the direction the country is going.
Back to the topic of the lady, she has given birth to 4 children, and now, left them all to her hubby to pick up the pieces through no choice of hers. I would hope for a change in a system but that's all i have hope. Cause our voices are not heard in this inclusive society.


Anonymous said...

As Lucky said in his blog, let's be careful as to how we perceive the situation.

While the hospital was inflexible in taking blood from the deceased's relatives, her death may be caused by a lot of other complications from the childbirth. Her death may not be directly linked to a hospital not wanting to give more blood. We dont know the full story.

What's sad is how the system pins blood use to quotas, and co-relating blood usage to donorship.

and the other sad thing is about accountability and flexibility. its another sad reflection of Singapore's kiasuism or "cover backside" mentality - of not wanting to take responsibility and leaving it to higher authority.

we've already seen this with the "bomb in shoe" fiasco.

Because some low-ranking nurses and administrators, not wanting to get into trouble with their bosses, didn't want to take any blood before time, everyone got the perception that this was the cause of death.

there's just so many things to be sad about.


The Secret said...

Did you really believe that a hospital would be so heartless as to deny a patient an emergency transfusion?

My first thought was that it's a miscommunication when I watched the news clip last night.

Check out this morning's papers and the other side of the story.

Kevin said...

To "the secret"

Do you still believe the loacl papers? None of the fellow citizens I know still read the local papers when seeking for truth.

I must be stupid said...

To the secret:

"Did you really believe that a hospital would be so heartless as to deny a patient an emergency transfusion?"

If they had enough blood to give to the patient, why did they ask the deceased's family to donate blood?

Is that a ploy to get more blood donated to the blood bank?

If they did not have enough blood for transfusion to the deceased, is her death caused by the hospital?

peasantsgetowned said...

It is not about the denial of blood. Look at the system.
1. If there are no restriction for blood transfusion, why is the media allowed to report it as it is without verifying the story.
2. If there is a restriction, why should there be one in the first place?
3. According to the deceased's husband words, he rallied 200 people to head to the bloodbank to donate blood. As we all know, there is a lack of blood donors in Singapore, if, as a business doing badly, you see a queue outside your

peasantsgetowned said...

shop, do you ask your customers to wait just because you are not officially open yet?

peasantsgetowned said...

4."There is also no "higher authority" that needs to approve the release of blood, she said."
We also know there is no such thing as white horse in our SAF.

Anonymous said...

It was tragic to say the least and worse the prevailing local culture of moneyism, pragmatism including absolving any responsibilty for any mistake with non-replies, deflections, silence and non transparencies have led to much guessing and accusation. No amount of condolence will comfort the Victim and her families. Moneyism and or bureaucratic procedure may have prevailed over conscience and if that was the case, this society have gone bad. It can be aptly described as cruel. Singaporeans are hurt as much as the family members of the Victim and I hope that provides some consolation, I wish them strength; from scb.

The Oriental Express said...

Once I asked a man sitting down.
"Please stand up for this expectant mother!"

He stood up. I did not give him a choice. People who are blind don't deservce a choice anyway....if you know what I mean. :-)

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